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New Work

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Cadmium Yellow Composition. SOLD

Fruit Table On Black.

White Fruit Table.

Apples, Tulips And Stripes.

Guinee Rose And Stripes.

Still Life, Oranges And Lemons.

Jug, Bottle And Orange.

Little Quillets.

Spring Quillets.

Seven Vessels.

Still Life Forms.

Still Life, Arums And Lemons.

Still Life And Stripes.

Hot Poppies - Soft Fruit.

Tulips And Oranges. SOLD

Red Vase. SOLD

Indian Souvenirs. SOLD

Still Life - Blue Room.

Still Life With Grapes.

Albertine Rose And Stripe.

Late Anemonies.

Floating Shelf.

Kitchen Shelves. SOLD

Still Life - Yellow Square. SOLD.

Seedheads And Cloth.

Shelves And Pots. SOLD

Still Life With Lemons.

Late Summer Table.

Preserving Oranges. SOLD

Orchid And Stripe.

White Flowers, Red Table. SOLD

Tea And Oranges.

Figs And Stripes. SOLD

Night Honesty And Umbels. SOLD

Umbel. SOLD

Night Flowers. SOLD

Bowl Of Cherries

Two Tulips

Jug And Orange. SOLD

Two Cannas. SOLD

Cherry Platter

Wild Violets