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Still Lives. 2016 - 2019

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White Fruit Table. SOLD

Seven Vessels. SOLD

Figs. SOLD

Still Life, Arums And Lemons. SOLD

Still Life With Lemons And Grapes. SOLD

Still Life With Figs. SOLD

Cherries And Arums. SOLD

Figs And Oranges. SOLD

Bowl Of Cherries. SOLD

Still Life And Stripes. SOLD

Jug And Orange. SOLD

Hot Poppies - Soft Fruit. SOLD

Lemons And Stripes. SOLD

Three Aubergines. SOLD

Five Pears. SOLD

Indian Souvenirs. SOLD

Floating Shelf. SOLD

Still Life - Yellow Square. SOLD.

Flowers And Pears. SOLD

Shelves And Pots. SOLD


Still Life - Blue Room. SOLD

Lemon. SOLD
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